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MR’s world tour: Get introduced to Acqiris Japan

Following the portraits of our French and Swiss manufacturing representatives (MR) we are very pleased today to introduce to you our long term Japanese MR Acqiris Japan. Aikawa-San one of Acqiris co-founder gives his vision on Agilent ADC technology and future development.

Agilent ADC technology (A): Briefly describe your company : number of employees, dedicated markets, products lines beside digitizers if any.

Makoto Aikawa (MA): Acqiris Japan was established in 2006 by three experts in measuring instruments business. We have been supplying optimal solutions to our customers with Agilent ADC technologies. Our solutions are not only providing hardware but also total systems including software.

A: Why have you chosen to represent Agilent high-speed digitizers product line?

MA: We have a long history in business with Acqiris since we worked for the former company. From the customers’ points of view, we have no other choice than representing Agilent digitizers product line if they require high performance and highly reliable data acquisition.

Acqiris booth at JASIS

A: If you were to give 3 competitive advantages to Agilent digitizers which would they be?

MA: 1) The digitizing capability with high speed and low noise is a fundamental but indispensable feature. We can find a number of digitizers in the market but the Agilent high-speed digitizers can be only solution to meet the basic requirements.

2) The versatile on-board processing functions are advantages against over the competitors. The SAR mode is a quite unique acquisition method to realize continuous data acquiring with minimum dead time. The Averaging function can extract very small target signals from huge number of waveform data with high speed. The TTI can supply high resolution time measurement together with capturing waveform data. The digitizers assume the roles of oscilloscopes and time interval analyzers.

 3) The software compatibility is a key factor for developing embedded systems. The drivers and libraries are easy-handled for building the system configuration. The sample codes in versatile programing languages are very helpful for the smooth development.

A: If you were to recommend some reading on digitizer technology or usage of digitizer in a specific application what would that be?

MA: Interpreting quoted digitizer specifications” written by Richard is an excellent article for learning the basic technologies and specifications of digitizers. “Application Note – Absolute Time Recovery”,  is a good article to study time measurement expertise. It is not related to digitizers but digital time converters.

A: What is the future of products such as the Agilent high-speed digitizer. How do you think will they evolve?

MA: Digitizers keep on being key parts of embedded systems now and in the future. I believe creating additional values to be more essential for expanding digitizer business for the future. For example, on-board processing is an additional value to realize effective data acquisitions. It can pick up the necessary information only from enormous sampling data according to the application specific manner. It means it can transfer the additional value to the next stage in the embedded system by high speed processing. I hope the Agilent ADC technologies will go for making a difference in data acquisition instruments.

Agilent: Thanks a lot Aikawa-San for your answers. If you are based in Japan. Don’t hesitate to contact Acqiris Japan directly.



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