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Electronics industry recognition

The team is quite proud as we have received 3 industrial distinctions lately. Indeed, following our win of the 2013 Best in Test in the category “signal analyzer”, our products have been distinguished again as follows: The U5303A PCIe 12-bit digitizer received  the “Best in Test” Winner award (Data Acquisition), the M9703 AXIe 12-bit digitizer finished finalist of the “Best in Test” award (Manufacturing test ATE ) following its latest release, the U5340 FPGA Development Kit  finished finalist of the  Golden Mouse trap award (Design Tools: Hardware & Software). Didier Lavanchy states with pride on this general achievement.  “These numerous awards in 2014 for both our hardware and software products reward again our distinctive modular strategy. By providing complete and powerful solution, we ensure that our customers can focus on what matters most to them.”

Yves Maumary, the U5303A project manager follows: The U5303A is a new 12-bit reference for our customers looking behind the banner specifications at purchasing a high-speed data acquisition product. Winning the Best in Test and measurement award  is a great achievement for our team. Our first concern remains to guarantee our customers that they can count on previously unachieved signal integrity, measurement throughput  and product reliability. Saying it is one thing, we hope that the potential end users will ask to get a concrete proof of what we state .Therefore they are more than welcome to contact us in order to request a U5303A evaluation unit.

Giovanni Lucia, U5340A project leader has been actually quite surprised: “Being based in Europe, we honestly were not aware that the Golden Mousetrap award existed. We first thought the marketing team was making us a joke. That doesn’t reduce our great pride of seeing our U5340A FPGA development kit finalist of the Golden Mousetrap. Our team has put a lot of efforts to deliver this set of design tools and provide our customers unique new capabilities that will drastically reduce their development time. It’s a great feeling to see that we were recognized by our American pairs.”

Pierre-François Maistre, the M9703A project manager strongly believes in his product:  “This is yet another distinction for our M9703A digitizer which reward the power of this product for high-speed multichannel test solution. The full potential of this platform is still to be fully uncovered and that’s what make it really interesting for us. We are listening very closely to the multichannel data acquisition application needs and it’s exciting to see that we could potentially see our digitizer being used in new applications.”


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