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Who is behind this blog?

Hi, my name is Benedetta Viti. I am the main person behind this blog coordinating the Keysight high-speed digitizers team efforts to provide you valuable information about the technology we develop and how it can help you fulfilling your requirements digitizing signal at high resolution and sampling rate. This blog has been created to hopefully develop interactions with you. We are part of Agilent Technologies the premier’s measurement company. We are therefore quite keen to offer you the best proximity to our technology and to route you directly to the information you need.  I encourage all of you to get in touch with us whenever you would like to. You can also make suggestions on what type of content you would like us to share with you. Feel free to use our comments box or send an email here. I will make my best to respond to your requests.





About Benedetta Viti

Benedetta is a PR & Web Editor. She is the key player behind the blog High-Speed ADC, willing to know more about the people behind the products. She holds a Bachelor in Languages and a Master in International Marketing.


    SALIN Jean-Luc

    Congratulations for this blog about the high speed digitizers.
    Best regards
    Jean-Luc SALIN


    Thank you Jean-Luc, I appreciate. KR. Myriam

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