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ADC PCI cards used for injection efficiency monitoring

A team of  8 scientists working at the Australian Synchroton facility  in Clayton presented the latest developments they have put in place at DIPAC 2011 in Hamburg. In their paper you will learn what they did and how our PCI U1071A digitizers have been used to monitor the injection efficiency of their operation which they aim to be top-up in 2012. Here you will find the paper: u1071A in australian synchroton

IF digitizer within Microwave Vector Signal Analyzer

Learn how you can stream and record data at the same time. 

Simplify multichannel data acquisition system with AXIe

Simplifying the data acquisition system within big physics experiments, including plasma and inertial confinement Fusion, particle acceleration, microwave and RF astrophysics, and x-ray imaging in hydrodynamics can be a non-negligible task.

High-performance digitizers enhance beam control quality

Creating particle collisions at nanometer scale and with picoseconds of duration requires extreme precision in spatial and temporal control. At facilities such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research, more commonly known as CERN,

Learn about random interleaved sampling (RIS)

When working with fast repetitive signals, in which the fastest signal components are more than half the frequency of the maximum sampling rate of the acquisition system, it may be possible to artificially increase the effective sampling rate of acquisition.

Use of digitizers in physics

In June and July 2012 we have posted a  series of articles written by different physicians around the world that were featuring Agilent high-speed digitizers. If you download this document, you will find short summaries as well as the direct links to the articles. Main topics: particle accelerators, fusion, environment, astronomy, X-, Z-pinch, and inertial confinement. Enjoy!