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A week in the life of a digitizer support engineer


Is that an Electronics RD engineer workspace ? Imagine on the left, racks filled in with modules from cPCI to PXI beside open PC’s, on the right a table with an AXIe system, screens all around showing controls of digitizers. Do you notice any differences? Not really, don’t you?

Zero suppress mode, aka Threshold Gating?

U1084AAs we mentioned some weeks ago, with the U1084A 8-bit digitizer you can switch between 2 different firmware options. One of the firmware available is called “Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout (SAR) and Zero Suppress mode, aka Threshold Gating. Today Jean-Luc Lehmann product manager tells you more about this specific functionnality.

New software release: upgrade to MD1 version 1.11.11

A new version of the software and driver MD1 packagehas been released. Supported high-speed digitizers: M9202A, M9210A, M9211A, M9703A, U1084A, and Acqiris Line

The releases includes : follow read more: 

Use of digitizers with Matlab

A colleague of mine has found the following library that should help any of you using our Agilent Acqiris digitizers with Matlab.

Startup Guide to install the MD1 software

As we have migrated from Acqiris software to MD1 the installation of your module has slightly changed. You will find here a quick startup guide to install our U10XX products. If you require further help, don’t hesitate to drop us a line here


Support of Agilent high-speed digitizers

Several options are open to you if you are in need of support regarding one Agilent high-speed digitizer:

1.Forward the information to your Agilent contact.