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Why Choosing Keysight High-Speed ADC Technology?

Whether you are the VP of Engineering or the product architect, our technology can enhance your project development in the following aspects:

  • Better measurement fidelity and signal integrity
  • Higher measurement throughput
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Value priced

Our solution is designed to include in the final purchasing price, those hidden costs that are usually overlooked. At the end of your product life cycle, you will save significant amount of time using Keysight high-speed digitizers. Read more here:  

Expanded use of FPGA Development Kit for the full range of High-Speed Digitizers

Keysight newsroom announces today an updated version of the U5340A FPGA development kit. The new version allows for expanded deployment of on board IP signal processing across the full range of Keysight PCIe high-speed digitizers and the 12-bit AXIe 8-channel wideband digital receiver/digitizer.

Solution for Triggered Acquisitions at Fast Rate without Missing any Events

We announced today, on Keysight newsroom, the availability of new signal processing firmware for our family of U53xxA PCIe digitizers. The new firmware (option -TSR) allows simultaneous capture and transfer of acquired data in triggered applications.

According to our validation measures, the digitizer’s architecture, with the new firmware, is able to sustain triggered acquisitions of thousands of samples at hundreds of kHz rates without missing any events. Moreover, with the new firmware, it is possible to acquire and read substantially higher trigger rates during a shorter period of time (or non-periodic triggers) depending on the internal memory options selected. Users now can view the memory as a multi-bank circular memory, and can optimize the data throughput for their application by configuring the number of memory banks.

BrightSpec on the way to offer FT-MRR spectrometers for trace level gas sensing with help of Agilent

Our team likes to collaborate with companies such as BrightSpec Inc to push the limits of what is possible and see new technology being developed. Check this press release which was published by BrightSpec Inc. during the Pittcon conference back in March 14. 

BrightSpec teams up with Agilent Technologies’ High-Speed Data Acquisition team to offer Broadband and Targeted MRR spectrometers for trace level gas sensing.

Our PCIe digitizer in an OCT swept source engine

Image description: Follow this link to be routed to image related article. You see here on the right images captured with a 3D OCT system compare with ERM images on the left.  

We are pleased to publish the following press release which has been showing on the optical coherence tomography reference website  EXALOS and YellowSys team up with Agilent Technologies’ High-Speed Data Acquisition team to offer high-performance real-time swept source OCT engines.

 EXALOS AG (Switzerland) today announced that it has teamed up with the high-speed data acquisition team of Agilent Technologies Inc. and with the software/firmware team of YellowSys to offer real-time engines for swept source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) applications.

The FPGA development kit: from Mentor Graphics side

Brian Oliver up the mountains The FPGA development kit (FDK) launched back in June is the result of a long term relationship with Mentor Graphics. Today we have the chance to have Brian G. Oliver, Agilent Technologies Account Director to talk about the development of this partnership. As a reminder the FDK is now available. It allows Agilent digitizers customers to deploy their own signal processing IP on board of the Agilent high-speed ADC boards. 

High-speed ADC Made easy (HSADC): Before anything could you please briefly introduce yourself, what is your education and professional background, what are your hobbies?

Brian Oliver(BO): I am a Global Account Director for Mentor Graphics.  I live in Colorado.  I received my Chemistry and Business degrees from Saginaw Valley State University and my MBA from the University of Michigan. READ MORE