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Comments following PCI size evolution post


Following our blog post on the PCI digitizer size evolution we received the following comment: 
JonN on  said: 
How important is size really when it’s PCIe? It still takes up 1 slot and I doubt people often need to run in a very small PC and if they did, would that compromise ability to cool the card?

We think that Jon’s question is really interesting and we guess that others than Jon would like to know our answer. Click on read more to see it:

Dear Jon,

You are totally right. If you use the card in a chassis, it doesn’t change much. However please note the following :

1) our PCI digitizers are also used within OEM systems together with a proprietary PC board and in this case the size and the power consumption are usually very important factors as they have to design our digitizer into small ( sometime portable) systems. Also you need to know that over the time we have increased the processing capability of the PCIe digitizers while they consume less power. 

2) There are 2 different types of PCI chassis. 1 of them is shorter and our future 2013 digitizer will fit in the shorter chassis version. 

Regarding the cooling system, we take a great attention while designing our cards to this factor. Let us know if you would like to learn more about that. Best regards. Myriam 



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