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High-speed ADC with FPGA used as a FFT spectrometer

This article was published jointly by the ETHZ Department of Astronomy and the Institute of Applied Physics at University of Bern who tested the relevance of using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrometer to measure trace gases such as ozone and water vapor in the atmosphere in real time. As we are facing more and more issues with global warming and ozone depletion. This article  introduces a new technology that is maybe today used more largely. In any cases the ADC  board used in this case was one of the first digitizer with on-board processing developed by our team. Please read article  Microwave remote sensing of stratospheric trace gases using digital Fast Fourier   Transform spectrometers  Authors: Stefan C. Müller, Axel Murk, Christian Monstein,  Niklaus  Kämpfe, Hansueli Meyer


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