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high-speed digitizer and inertial confinement: ch. 1

Inertial confinement is a technique used for fusion research to stabilise a plasma and in-so-doing generate cleaner nuclear energy with the same processes that power our own sun.  Major research centres include Megajoule in France (LMJ), NIF at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and the Z-Machine at Sandia National Lab in the US.

Both of the following papers describe a solid-state system for delivery of high-energy electron beam pulses to drive a KrF laser for inertial fusion. For measurements of the system durability, an Agilent high-speed digitizer was used at 1 GSa/s to capture  every shot, and then every 100th shot of the output pulses.

Scientific Papers (from IEEE and IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Vol. 18, No. 4; August 2011)

A durable, repetitively pulsed, 200 kV, 4.5 kA, 300 ns solid state pulsed power system

A Durable Gigawatt Class Solid State Pulsed Power System

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