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Live from Autotescon

Don’t forget to meet our team at Autotescon. You will find a demo of our new solution that accelerate large-scale active antenna calibration and testing. Look for our booth and speak to our application engineer Alex Dickson he will be able to give you all the technical information you need to know. Here is the link to the press release again :

Meet Alex Dickson






Booth overview

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    There are also a bunch of other exciting new products and demos at Autotestcon this year! Here is the line up –>

    If you can’t make it to Autotestcon take a look at the AXIe Digitizer video on YouTube.

    The video highlights Agilent’s AXIe based digitizer and shows how the real-time flexible digital downconversion (DDC) capability works on 8 phase-coherent channels simultaneously.

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