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Meet with our Swiss manufacturer representative MagentaSys

And see what he thinks about Agilent high-speed digitizers and the future in high-speed ADC technology. Sylvain Brudurer is our guest today. He runs MagentaSys based in Western Switzerland. Please read more. Agilent ADC Technology (A:): Briefly describe your company : number of employees, dedicated markets, products lines beside digitizers if any.

Sylvain Bruderer (SB): MagentaSys is a selling and consulting company specialized in modular electronic equipment. Our markets are defense, industry and research labs. We are 4 people providing consulting services before the sales and integration (GUI, signal conditioning, etc) of the products we are selling. We are able to support the customer from the first brainstorming to the industrialization.

A:Why have you chosen to represent Agilent high-speed digitizers product line? 

SB: Agilent is manufacturing excellent quality products with an outstanding support to the customers.

A:If you were to give 3 competitive advantages to Agilent digitizers which would they be?

SB: 1) Measurement performances 2) Reliability 3) Easy integration in efficient environment, C++, LINUX

If you were to recommend some reading on digitizer technology or usage of digitizer in a specific application what would that be? 

SB: For the integration of the digitizer in a machine, I would like to recommend the book “PCIe System Architecture” publisher MindShare Inc. If people are interested in integrating the digitizer in a complex mechanical system with client-server computers, they should stop spending time on  internet and contact MagentaSys instead! 😉 If we do not have the solution today, we will have it on time.

A: What is the future of products such as the Agilent high-speed digitizer. How do you think will they evolve? 

SB:I know the signal integrity will be a major focus. It make sense to me. 


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