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Home » news » New software release: upgrade to MD1 version 1.11.11

New software release: upgrade to MD1 version 1.11.11

A new version of the software and driver MD1 packagehas been released. Supported high-speed digitizers: M9202A, M9210A, M9211A, M9703A, U1084A, and Acqiris Line

The releases includes : follow read more: 

– Updated MD1 LabVIEW and IVI drivers.

– Fixed potential acquisition slow-down when IOLS version 16.3 is installed.

– Fixed trigger delay when using external clock.

– Fixed sampling rate setting when using external clock.

– Fixed support for TrigOut connector available sources.

– M9703A: Added support for data scaling in DDC mode.

– M9703A: Fixed CalRequired results in combined x2 mode.

– M9703A: Fixed trigger positionning can change when calibrating. 

– M9703A: Added support for Digital Downconverter (DDC) option. Note that

  Magnitude trigger source is not available in multi-record acquisitions.

– U1084A: Fixed potential double trace at low temperatures.

– U1084A: Optimized calibration at initialization.

– U1062A/M9210A: Fixed specific DMA data transfer issue happening on some

  host computers for less than five segments in sequence readout mode.

– The M9202ASerial tool has been replaced by MD1Serial tool.

– AqSCl4.dll has been renamed to AqSCl.dll.

– AqISl5.dll has been renamed to AqISl.dll.

– New firmware files:







– U1050A-001 (TC840) firmware: Fixed hardware timeout in multi acquisition


– U1084A firmware: Fixed readout of interrupt status register which could

  become corrupted in very rare cases.


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