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High-speed digitizer and particle accelerators: ch.4

Today we feature the following paper included in the Proceedings of PAC07, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 

High Power Tests of Normal Conducting Single-Cell Structures

This paper describes the results of the first high power tests of single-cell traveling-wave and standing-wave structures, to determine the gradient potential of normal-conducting rf-powered particle beam accelerators.  The tests were powered by SLAC’s XL-4 klystron, and used an Agilent high-speed digitizer for measurement of high-power RF-signals.

If you can’t download this article, don’t hesitate to contact us to get further information on that application. 

Particle accelerators may be circular or linear, and can measure from 1m to 10’s of km  in length.  They are used as experimental sites for nuclear physics interactions, particle colliders and light sources (X-ray).  Agilent digitizers are used in beam control – helping optimise the position of the beam through the steering and acceleration stages – and in the experiments that observe the particle and light interactions.


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