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Agilent digitizers and particle accelerators: ch.2

In this application note co written by Paulo Cennini from CERN and Richard Soden from Agilent you will learn how Agilent Acqiris high-speed digitizers become an Integral Part, in the Quest for Nuclear Waste Elimination. 

Neutron time-of-flight measurements use the CERN proton source to generate neutrons that are used in the measurement of transmutation energies in waste materials to reduce their radioactive halve-lives.
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General layout of the n_TOF experiment

Particle accelerators may be circular or linear, and can measure from 1m to 10’s of km  in length.  They are used as experimental sites for nuclear physics interactions, particle colliders and light sources (X-ray).  Agilent digitizers are used in beam control – helping optimise the position of the beam through the steering and acceleration stages – and in the experiments that observe the particle and light interactions.


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