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PXIe 12-bit IF digitizer, up to 2 GS/s, on-board processing

The sampling rate of this PXIe 12-bit IF digitizer in combination with its wide input bandwidth and high dynamic range, makes it ideal for Aerospace/Defense and Wireless Communication industries, especially in applications such as Military mobile repair stations, Radar test, wideband communication standard test and fast signal capture application. If you would like to discover our complete PXI offer order our PXI catalogue here.


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    John Jorgensen

    I’m currently looking into what is available on the commercial market for a high speed digitizer system. The following are some key requirements of such a system:

    1. Analog input bandwidth >= 450 MHz
    2. Digitizing >= 30 MHz IF bandwidth
    3. Continues streaming to computer memory/harddisk. No gaps allowed.
    4. Samples needs to be time tagged to allow us to identify and use data from mixed sources in downstream processing applications.
    5. If applicable linux drivers would be preferred.

    Please let me know if you have anything that come close to meeting above requirements.

    John Jorgensen

    • admin

      Dear Mr Joergensen,
      Thanks a lot for your demand.
      I send your request to one of our digitizer sales engineer. He will respond to you by email directly. Kind regards from Geneva

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