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In what digitizer qualification testing is important?

Agilent is especially keen to deliver high quality electronic measurement instruments or components. Therefore a new product will only be qualify if a certain number of tests have been conducted on a certain number of new finalized product’s units. Some qualification tests are of course industry standards but around half of them are called by Agilent itself in order to guarantee the functionalities of a product under all types of physical conditions. Here is a gross listing of what types of testing are done:

Like for example: check of integrity of performances at the full temperature range from 0 to 50°C, functioning testing at different altitudes, in vibrating environment, after drop testing, after a transportation shock, operating magnetic field immunity (Power Line Freq.), interoperability testing are done as well.

 “Ok,good!” you may say. “BUT what are the key benefits for the end-users?”

Climate chamber and testing column

They will have the guarantee of the signal integrity in a lot of physical conditions which is extremely important when the digitizers are designed in portable testing instruments for example. They will face less bugs and interoperability issues when they integrate the digitizers in their systems and therefore the whole integration process will be easier and take less time. Furthermore, the mtbf and reliability of the delivered products will be higher.

 If you would like to know more about this qualification process and have further details on the tests that are undertaken, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiry.

In a general manner, whenever you are in the process of choosing a new electronic instrument, you should also inform you about the qualification process to make sure you pick up the instrument that best suits your application requirements. 


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