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Be the first to guess and win a T-shirt

In the latest newsletter, Joanne Gibson, product marketing engineer, explains how  “Using PXI solutions accelerate  development of next Generation 802.11ac Wireless LAN transmitters”. She describes which component should be part of such a test system. One of our high-speed digitizer is part of the solution. Can you guess which one? Be the first to post a comment with the right part number and get one nice T-shirt. This quiz is of course only open to non members of the Agilent family 😉 . 


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Benedetta is a PR & Web Editor. She is the key player behind the blog High-Speed ADC, willing to know more about the people behind the products. She holds a Bachelor in Languages and a Master in International Marketing.


    Gaurav Verma

    Its ADLINK PXIe-9842 Digitizer.

    Dharmendra Lingaiah

    Is it M9202A – 12 bit IF Digitizer ?
    Sample rate – 2 Gigasamples per sec
    Analog BW – 1GHz

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