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September: digitizers on tour all around the planet

September is busy in terms of events. Therefore,  find the 2 first weeks of September calendar only the rest will come later. We will try to give you live news from the events themselves on our Twitter account. Stay tuned some goodies may be handled out. 

Near Surface Geoscience 2012, Paris, France, 3-5 September 2012 See a set of digitizers cards. Ask all your questions to our specialists and follow them on Twitter they might invite you to a small lotery. 

JASIS- former JAIMA, Tokyo, Japan, 5-7 September 2012 Meet our digitizers team in Japan: Acqiris Japan. They will be happy to help and answer all your specific questions. Below a picture of their 2010 booth. 

ElectroneX, Sydney, Australia, 12-13 Sep 2012,  

Autotestcon 2012, Anaheim, CA, USA,10-13 September 2012 If you want to see a Live demo of our AXIe digitizer go the Agilent booth at Autotestcon.  See you there 


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