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Qualified to be shipped to space

Our latest posts concentrated on hardware qualification requirements which certainly is very high at Agilent. Some of you may still think it’s exaggerated. But when you know that some of our cards may be eventually being shipped in space then you understand why it’s so important. Remember back in January we talked to you about an article published in  the Journal of Mass Spectrometry Volume 48, Issue 1, published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. features an article from Riedo, A., Bieler, A., Neuland, M., Tulej, M. and Wurz, P. (2013), Performance evaluation of a miniature laser ablation time-of-flight mass spectrometer designed for in situ investigations in planetary space research. Still skeptikal? Let us know what you think in the form of comments or use our contact form on you right.



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