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A week in the life of a digitizer support engineer


Is that an Electronics RD engineer workspace ? Imagine on the left, racks filled in with modules from cPCI to PXI beside open PC’s, on the right a table with an AXIe system, screens all around showing controls of digitizers. Do you notice any differences? Not really, don’t you? However what you find does not fill exactly the RD engineer office setting: first of all you would imagine to find a man hiding at the desk behind the chassis columns but instead you find Sylvie, a dynamic, smiling French woman and secondly you are in the room dedicated to the worldwide high-speed digitizer customer support rather than in the RD department. Let’s take this opportunity to learn more about both customer support and Sylvie. 

The 44 years Doctor in Electronics Instrumentation who welcomes us, has been in charge of solving Agilent high-speed data acquisition customers questions for 7 years. With her experience, we could believe that she has faced the same issues many times already. “Routine? What do you mean? I never know in advance what is going to happen during my day” she exclaims frowning her eyes as we ask her if she could describe what a typical week would be for her. “That’s why I so much like this job” she pursues. “The product pipeline is continuously changing and the technical support engineer work depends a lot of the products introductions or discontinuances. On top of that, the data converters application, options and environment’s use ranges are so wide that you hardly ever see twice the same question.”

She considers herself as a central link between the end users and where to find which documentation, the latest software upgrades. She makes sure, the digitizers users enable the functionalities they do need for their applications. She needs to be aware of who could solve a problem if her experience is not sufficient. She actually enjoys a lot being in this position, first because the customers she has are really nice to her, secondly because she is luckily working very closely with both the hardware and software RD team. The way she speaks about it makes it sound as if she was an interpreter: translating customer requests into RD engineer detailed questions and reverse way when she sends the answers to the customers. “What does make sense for someone is not necessarily a pure evidence for someone else” she states with reason. “it’s important for me to take one’s place in order to translate one’s needs correctly”. The centrality of her tasks also reflects in the fact that she is often the first in line when bugs appear. She can then very easily raise them to the RD engineers that can take corrective actions in a timely manner.“Help me to fix this bug, it will help us in the long run” she would kindly tell them. The reverse way is also true, the RD department counts on her to test the latest pieces of software and hardware. There are often days filled with pressure, however it seems that Sylvie copes with it very well. Her multi tasking ability always allows her to get back to a support request within 24 hours.

A great efficiency, excellent communication skills and a strong interest in having both customers and her colleagues happy are the ingredients you find in Sylvie’s support philosophy. So whenever you need to, don’t hesitate to contact her



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You can get directly in touch with Sylvie  and send your requests to her here 

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