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Wideband on-board processing digitizer in HPTRF instrument

Today, we have the pleasure to share with you an article published in the Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 81, 103101 (2010) by Joseph M. Muretta, Alexander Kyrychenko, Alexey S. Ladokhin, David J. Kast, Gregory D. Gillispie, and David D. Thomas. This paper was sent to us by one of our business development engineer based in United States, William Accola. The authors describe a high-performance time-resolved fluorescence (HPTRF) spectrometer that dramatically increases the rate at which precise and accurate subnanosecond-resolved fluorescence emission waveforms can be acquired in response to pulsed excitation. You will see the article that these performances have been achieved using a 10-bit 8 GS/s digitizer. Which one is it? The first one to guess will get a T-shirt. Now check the article and learn about the advantages to use such a digitizer: 

High-performance time-resolved fluorescence by direct waveform recording