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Phase-array antenna testing: application brief

Following our September announcement about the implementation of a digital down conversion firmware option on our 8-channel 12-bit digitizer in AXIe, learn further details about how this solution can accelerate the phase-array antenna testing in the following application overview. For the ones who prefer to watch a video, click on more to find it. Happy Friday and weekend to all.  :-D.

Thanks for publishing our news

In September, we announced with pride the introduction of a breakthrough technology based on our AXIe 12-bit digitizer which should accelerate large-scale antenna testing. You will find further down the list of American magazines which published the news. Thanks a lot to them to have shared with their readers the news. In case you missed it learn more in the video

It’s now officially announced

Agilent Technologies introduces breakthrough methodology to accelerate large-scale active antenna calibration and testing. This new technology is based on our AXIe 12-bit digitizer that you must now know if you follow us. You will find all the information you need to know here. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you like to get even a deeper development insight.