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Happy new year 2013

The Agilent high-speed digitizers team wishes you all a happy new year 2013. May your project dreams come true and your businesses successful. If you visit us it means that you are interested in ADC technology. The entry in a new year is a good timing to question ourselves about the future of our industry. Our primary objective is to help you achieve the most precise and fast signal measurement and processing. 2013 looks truly to be a milestone for us as our pipeline is full not only in terms of new pieces of hardware but also in terms of dedicated software and on-board signal processing tools. With what will be released in the coming months, you should be able to have in your hands the tools to help you realize your dream projects faster and with more efficiency.  So one word stay in touch with us. On this blog you should get the primary information on what is to come next. Meanwhile have a good end of week.