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Final chapter serie Physics applications

In the last 2 weeks we have linked you through a series of articles and scientific papers featuring our technology. Today you find the last scientific paper of this series which is a poster presented at  ICALEPS 2011 Grenoble France and is related to particle accelerators. 

High-speed digitizers and particle accelerators: ch.7

As you could already read, the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne has long used Agilent Technologies range of high-speed digitizers for control and monitoring of the particle beam.  The following articles describe the fill-pattern monitoring system and the latest beam diagnostics systems.

High-speed digitizer and particle accelerators: ch.6

Scientific paper (Proceedings of EPAC 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland),

Fast Beam Dynamics Investigation Based on an ADC Filling Pattern Measurement

A diagnostic tool to determine the longitudinal particle filling pattern was installed at the 1.5 GeV electron storage ring Delta, in Dortmund, Germany. This uses an Agilent Acqiris U1068A high-speed digitizer in an EPICS environment for data capture of the summed charge from a beam position monitor.


High-speed digitizer and particle accelerators: ch.5

As you can see the high-speed digitizer instrumentation is used a lot within particle accelerators. In the following Scientific Paper,  An Induction Linac Test Standwhich are Proceedings of PAC05 in Knoxville,USA. 

High-speed digitizer and particle accelerators: ch.4

Today we feature the following paper included in the Proceedings of PAC07, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 

High Power Tests of Normal Conducting Single-Cell Structures

High-speed digitizer and particle accelerators: ch.3

Beam Diagnostic Devices and Data Acquisition for the HICAT Facility 

This paper describes the development of LINAC Beam diagnostics in the Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy facility (HICAT) at the university hospital in Heidelberg.  This computer controlled system uses a combination of techniques to allow an automated detection of all relevant beam parameters.Download the article