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Why Choosing Keysight High-Speed ADC Technology?

Whether you are the VP of Engineering or the product architect, our technology can enhance your project development in the following aspects:

  • Better measurement fidelity and signal integrity
  • Higher measurement throughput
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Value priced

Our solution is designed to include in the final purchasing price, those hidden costs that are usually overlooked. At the end of your product life cycle, you will save significant amount of time using Keysight high-speed digitizers. Read more here:  

TCO for OEM: key elements

As high-range ADC technology specialists, our mission is to provide our OEM partners the most reliable, versatile, and precise ADC boards which can be easily designed in self developed systems. We are OEM suppliers and at the same time, we are an OEM who buys components off-the-shelf in order to keep development time on signal integrity with the design of IP IC’s, clocking, signal processing and miniaturization among others (check our best in test posts). We have decided to rely on OEM partners to provide us components that respond to a table of requirements which goes well beyond price or banner specifications. 

TCO: Beyond the price and the banner specifications

In the coming weeks, we will cover the concept of total cost of ownership (TCO). We have driven some reflections around this notion for years. Indeed, in our business it should be a key factor to consider when we buy off-the-shelf components. It touches actually both our purchasing activities and our selling activities. When we are speaking with potential provider of components for our digitizers, the price is far from the unique weight in the decision process to buy or not to buy. On the other side we want to insure as well that we are offering at least a same level of quality, service, support to our customers than we get from our suppliers. If not higher.