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Zero suppress mode, aka Threshold Gating?

U1084AAs we mentioned some weeks ago, with the U1084A 8-bit digitizer you can switch between 2 different firmware options. One of the firmware available is called “Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout (SAR) and Zero Suppress mode, aka Threshold Gating. Today Jean-Luc Lehmann product manager tells you more about this specific functionnality.

Why averagers rock?

The graph speaks for itself. Our latest 8-bit 4Gs/s data converter which can be ordered with an averager FDK option definitely shows a better SNR in comparison to his older counterpart the U1082A and U1081A. 

U1084A in SGE TOF system

A Specialized System to Measure the Performance of TOF Detectors and its Application to a New, Compact Magnetic TOF Detector  The summary of this oral paper presented at the 18th International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Bremen, Germany in 2009 by Dick Stresau, Kevin Hunter, Wayne Sheils, Yair Benari SGE Analytical Science, Incorporating ETP Electron Multipliers, Sydney, Australia mentions how the U1084A digitizer was used to measure the spectrum of air linear TOF system at 4GS/s with the digitizer/averager fimware option. 



IBIC Japan: pictures and feedback

Our Japanese team keeps being very active and was at the IBIC conference this week. You will find below some pictures of the event. Here are their comments: “Around 200 – 300 researchers gathered there from WW and more than 70% of those were foreign visitors outside of Japan. We showed the M9703A, U1071, U1084A and 90000 scope as a team of Agilent and  Acqiris Japan.” . In parallel, a PhD student at the Australian Synchroton facility presented a poster featuring one of our digitizer. He will provide us a testimony that you should discover on Monday.