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More news about OCT imaging capabilities available here

With optical swept sources in the longer wavelength range, new imaging capabilities exist that have not been addressable with time domain or camera based OCT systems. The solution was designed using Keysight’s U5340A FPGA development kit, allowing portability of the OCT signal processing IP to other Keysight data acquisition cards, including future releases. There is no need for internal circuitry dedicated to OCT, and the easy migration of the processing IP is a key to future OCT technology developments.

Check this out:

OCT-Core Flyer (2)

12-bit High-Speed PCIe ADC Card Available with Optical Coherence Tomography Technology

Keysight High-Speed Digitizers Team announces the U5303A high-speed data acquisition 12-bit PCIe® card, in collaboration with YellowSys, a provider of IP processing firmware and software, is now available with an option dedicated to the optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology.

Expanded use of FPGA Development Kit for the full range of High-Speed Digitizers

Keysight newsroom announces today an updated version of the U5340A FPGA development kit. The new version allows for expanded deployment of on board IP signal processing across the full range of Keysight PCIe high-speed digitizers and the 12-bit AXIe 8-channel wideband digital receiver/digitizer.

New PCIe low noise 8-bit, up to 2GS/s data converter

Yesterday night, I received this message from the OEM product manager Jean-Luc Lehmann just coming out from the last checkpoint which means public launch of our team newest PCIe 8-bit high-speed digitizer:   ” Let’s make noise…I mean communicate about it, the product itself is low noise”. U5309aHere is a good reason to follow this blog. You will learn earlier than others or in real-time what is happening on the side of our product road map and our launches. Today we are please to announce the release of the 2013 3rd dedicated OEM product after the 12-bit ADC card and the FPGA development kit. Read more to see the dedicated PR that is going out on Monday. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to get a datasheet paper copy of this new digitizer us contact us button on the right or about our technology in general.