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TCO for OEM: key elements

As high-range ADC technology specialists, our mission is to provide our OEM partners the most reliable, versatile, and precise ADC boards which can be easily designed in self developed systems. We are OEM suppliers and at the same time, we are an OEM who buys components off-the-shelf in order to keep development time on signal integrity with the design of IP IC’s, clocking, signal processing and miniaturization among others (check our best in test posts). We have decided to rely on OEM partners to provide us components that respond to a table of requirements which goes well beyond price or banner specifications. 

Let’s have an broad overview of the elements that we take into consideration in our procurement activities which can be considered as elements that should be included in a total cost of ownership calculation. First of all, we expect our partners to be at the edge of the technology in their field. They should be able to support our design-in processes especially when we touch the core elements of our development such as the FPGA. We also expect them to think ahead and develop, introduce and manufacture their products in time.Work with technology leaders is therefore key.

Secondly, we will check the quality of what we get. We are still in product life cycle that are long in comparison to others industries. Therefore, measures such as the mean time before failure, reliability are very important to us. 

We also need our suppliers to be responsive and this means to acknowledge an order as well as in need of support. In the case of software it’s maybe even more important to be able to get answers to our questions in a timely manner. Then in order to be able to sustain our own customer service requirements we also need to be sure that we will be delivered as promised.

So here we have already some key elements that need to be taken into account when we consider to work with a supplier: level of technology knowledge, quality and responsiveness. In the different pointed articles in our first post,  these factors are also mentioned but we can see that the details of them are really linked to each industry and type of OEM components. A digital receiver is quite specific in the sense that it’s not just a simple part but already a quite complex system. Therefore we will spend more time in our next post to detail what could be the facts that should be added to the TCO of wideband data converters. Don’t hesitate to let us know your opinion on total cost of ownership. Use the Contact us on the right column. 



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