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Thermo simulation to start hardware qualification

In our last post we spoke about hardware qualification and the multiple tests that were undertaken to make sure the functionality and performances of our digitizers were sustainable in all types of physical environments. One of our key competitive advantage is the small footprint of our modules which renders the qualification even harder especially when it comes to the temperatures that are registered within our products. It’s even more true that we are now adding on-board processing with FPGA’s on all our new designs. That’s the reason why we are now simulating the thermal behavior of a functioning digitizer when we are testing a new mechanical design. The simulation helps us avoid to come up with prototypes that would not wot be functional and at the same time the testing of our prototypes enhance the simulation parameters which is really a key to shorten our development processes. You will find here the result of the simulation done on one of our next PCIe release and please contact us if you would like to learn more about our thermo simulation 


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